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The doctor now interposed, and prevented the effects of a wrath which was kindling between Jones and Thwackum; after which the former gave a loose to mirth, sang two or three amorous songs, and fell into every frantic disorder which unbridled joy is apt to inspire.
Loose vs. LoseWhat's' the Difference? Grammarly.
The following quote from The Velveteen Rabbit illustrates the meaning of loose as not tightly attached, pulled, or held: Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes drop out and you get loose in the joints and very shabby.
Urban Dictionary: loose.
Response of other houseguests: Dude" that was fuckin loose" 3. Dude 1: Lets" go up to the Dan Murphy's' and acquire some loose" Dude 2: Sounds" like a loose idea." by old man loose November 13, 2008. Get the loose neck gaiter and mug.
LOOSE meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
I can give you a loose figure. It's' a loose equivalent of the French version. I can do you a loose translation. The story has a loose basis in fact. His latest movie is a loose adaptation of King Lear.
Loose Definition of Loose by Merriam-Webster.
6 a: lacking in precision, exactness, or care loose brushwork loose usage. b: permitting freedom of interpretation a loose construction of the Constitution. 7: not in the possession of either of two competing teams a loose ball a loose puck.

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